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Download and Upload Audio Bayans And Naats to Bayanaats.com

Welcome everyone today i am going to show you a very interesting website that is about Islamic world. For the first time in Islamic world created a website that any one can upload their naats and bayans to a centralize website which is know as bayanaats.com. Bayanaats.com is one of the  well know website in Islamic world to upload your audio content. Its same like a social site here a social community is build.


Anyone can also embed his audio to there website this is a unique feature of this website. You can explorer more naats and bayans by explore button above. You can make friend and also listen your friend audio. You can share any of your Audio with your friend here in this website or out side the site with other social websites like Facebook, twitter etc.

You have the ability to make playlist to build your own profile. You can like your friend audio and share it with other friends. Their is a search engine facilitate in bayanaats.com though which your can easily find bayans and naats or your friends. There is more a lot feature you can use in this website.

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