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How to Install Samsung ROM or Firmware via Odin

Hey everyone, Today in this article we will talk about installing or flashing Samsung ROM if it is stock/official or custom ROM. The procedure for installing all these ROM’s is same. We will Using windows tool Odin to install or flash Samsung ROM. Odin is windows based tool use to install Samsung ROM’s. Its quite easy to use, simple interface to install ROM’s ( Stock or Custom ROM’s). You can also root your Samsung device using Odin tools. Read this article completely to know about How to install Samsung ROM’s via Odin otherwise it may damage or brick your Samsung device.

Most of the people which have not use Odin tool and want to install or flash Samsung ROM they make mistake and brick there Samsung phone. After that it does not boot. So before installing your ROM on Samsung device you need to read this article completely.

What Odin can do?

Odin is windows based tool that is mostly used for installing Samsung ROM’s ( Stock or Custom ROM’s). This tool is not only specialize for installing Samsung ROM’s purpose also it can do much more things. You can root your Samsung device, you can re partition or Re Map your Samsung device ROM, You can install or flash kernel using Odin, You can install or flash android app using Odin. There are a lot of thing that we can do with this single tool. Odin can install or flash firmware or ROM’s which are in the .tar and .tar.md5 file format.

Why People Get Install Samsung ROM’s and Firmware’s:

You know that most of the android user don’t stick with single ROM or firmware. Most of the people change there ROM’s and firmware frequently and try a new custom ROM or flash kernels to improve their device performance. Odin is a life saver of Samsung device when it comes to restoring your bricked Samsung devices. Most of the people’s Samsung mobile stick on the logo and not boot properly that why we prepare to install ROM’s and firmware. Some of the android device current there partition table then its need to install Rom or firmware. For Recovering partition table we need .pit file which can contain the partition information of the device. Some of Android mobile phone hands in OS and some of them give error and Os not work properly. Also Most of the people install ROM’s and firmware because of virus which not possible to remove from android device. If your are going to install ROM’s because of virus issue then you have to read this article which is related to virus or malware if its not work then you have the choice to flash or install new ROM .


Odin only work on Samsung phone if you are trying to install ROM on another device it may lead to brick your device. Also remember one more thing that before you are going to install ROM or firmware double check that the ROM is compatible for your Samsung device. Another thing remember before your going to flash or install ROM or firmware you need to take backup of your Samsung device because it will clear all your Samsung phone. Also remember fourth No thing that whenever you are going to install ROM or custom ROM or firmware your device warranty will be void. So take care of all these things.

Lets Start Installing ROM or Firmware on Samsung Device:

Before start installing ROM you need to remember a few thing that is the prerequisites of install ROM on Samsung device. Its install firmware is quite simple its not a rocket science but you need to follow this article step by steps.

Before start flashing firmware you have to charge your Samsung mobile phone up to 60% because during installation it need more battery power.

Samsung USB Driver Install and Connected to your PC:

Now you need to make sure that your device driver is installed and your Samsung phone is connected with your PC through data cable. If you have not install Samsung USB Device driver then first try to install your driver then follow next step. Some of Samsung device install there driver automatically but some of them need to install driver manually. Google it for your specific Samsung device driver like “Samsung S4 USB driver download”.

Make Backup Samsung Device:

Once again don’t forget to make backup of your Samsung mobile phone because installing ROM will format you Samsung device and all your data will remove from your Samsung device. So you need to make backup before installing firmware. If you have any problem with backing up your Samsung device follow this article.

Download Firmware and Odin For Samsung Device:

You need to download recommended version of Odin to install Samsung device firmware. We have a lot version of Odin but here we will prepare those version have high success rate like Odin3 v3.09 ( JellyBean and KitKat ) and V3.10.6 ( Lollipop ).

Here you need to find your Samsung compatible version ROM and then download it. If there is a little change in there model then you device may leads to brick your Samsung device. So be carefully conform the ROM before you are going to install.

Here you need to notice one more thing that your correct ROM are that which matches your country/region and your Samsung device model. You can find their device model from setting > about device. You must need to match CSC Code. CSC mean Country Specific Code.

If your Samsung phone is sim locked or carrier branded then you can install only ROM that is batter matched with your Samsung CSC otherwise it may lead to brick your Samsung phone. If your Samsung phone is not sim-locked or carrier branded then you can just match your device model no need of CSC matches.

You can download Rom for your Samsung Phone from there websites:

Start Samsung Phone in Downloading Mode:

To start your Samsung phone in downloading mode you need to powered off your phone if it is on. Now Press Volume Down + Home + Power Button at same time for a few second to boot your Samsung phone into downloading mode.download-mode-samsung-696x506

Now Press Volume Up button to Continue and Volume down button to cancel the process. So we will press volume up button to continue to downloading mode.



We have already download firmware or ROM from above mention websites If you have not download rom yet then download and follow steps. Now we have to unzip ROM to get .tar.md5 file.

Also we have already download Odin unzip Odin and Open it or Run Odin3 vx.xx.exe on you PC. If you have not download Odin download it and follow steps.

After that your Samsung phone will be added to your Odin tool by Connecting your Samsung device to PC or computer. Remember again your Samsung device driver must install.

Now Odin tool will be open and your Samsung device will be connect or add to Odin on specific Com port id.


Now you can see our Samsung device is connected to our PC or Computer properly you can see in above figure. If you Samsung device is not connecting properly with PC First make sure that your have install USB driver for your Samsung device if you have install USB driver then make your that your USB cable is OK and working if cable is also OK then make sure that your Samsung device charging jack is OK and working.

Now select AP Button and browser to your current firmware or ROM that you want to install on Samsung device. The file must be .tar or .tar.md5.


If in case you have download multiple files like AP, BL, CP, CSC and .PIT then you can select all these option one by one and upload file.


There is different option which is mention so follow all these option as it is. If your Samsung mobile have problem with partition table then you may select .PIT file by click PIT button it will browse you to .PIT file select  .pit file and flash or install ROM with that file.

You have selected your desire option.

Now its the time to start the process by clicking on start button.


When the process completes successful you will see pass! message or if you fail to install ROM you will see Fail! message. If you failed to install Rom try again by restart the process if again fail. Then try again with another compatible ROM.


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