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How to Make Backup of Text Messages on Android

To understand How to make backup of text messages and call logs on your android phone you are on the right place and will be able to take backup of your text message and call history on android at the end. There is no rocket science to make backup of your android text messages and call logs its quit simple and easy. Read this article completely at the end you will be able to take backup of your SMS and call history on android phone. We will make backup of your text messages on google account it mean you will need to create Google account if you don’t have Google account. We will store all of your SMS and call history on gmail account and will be safe for ever and the most important feature of Google account is its search friendly. So it mean that you can find your text messages in seconds.

Three Things You will Need to Make Backup of your Text Messages and Call logs:

Now a day everyone want to safe there text message for some reasons. But most of the people lost there text messages because he does not know about such features of android phone. All though its also very difficult for most of the people to recover there text messages and contacts on android phone its a bit difficult thing but not impossible thing. We have also a way to restore or recover your android text message or SMS on android phone. Its quit easy to use SMS Backup+ app and i hope there will be no problem with it. Here you will need three things.

  • Need Android phone
  • SMS Backup+ App from google play store
  • Google account

If you have done all these things? lets get started!

Now you have to open your SMS backup app and dig into advanced settings of SMS Backup+ app to reconfigure to work with an IMAP-enable email server. So configure it with Gmail server. It will provide tons of feature which is available for gmail account, most of gmail account feature will be also available for backing up SMS, Call logs and access your text messages call history on gmail account. We will take about some feature later in this article.

Step One: Configure Your Gmail Account for IMAP Access


Now SMS Backup+ app require IMAP access to your gmail account to function. Lets take a look that how to configure IMAP on SMS Backup+.

First you have to login to your gmail acccount and navigate to settings Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Check enable IMAP and scrol down and click save Changes. That’s the only thing that we have to configure in gmail account.

Step Two: Install and Configure SMS Backup+

You have toggled on with our gmail account IMAP feature. Now Install SMS Backup+ app on your android phone by Hit up the link it will open SMS Backup+ app on android phone tap on install when you get install then you have to configure your android app.


The first step is to setup connection with your gmail account. Tap “connect” it will popup dialog box on your android phone and you will be prompted to choose your google account for the purpose of backing up all of your android text messages and call records.


Choose your google account and grant the requested permissions that need. You will be Prompted to begin backup or skip the process.


Now its depend on you that you want to skip or you want to make backup of your text message on your android phone its completely on you.

If you want select backup option it will start making backup on your android phone and will be store on gmail account. It depend that how many message you have on your phone its you large no of text messages it will take time if there are a few messages then it will take a few seconds.


Whenever the backing up process completes. lets move to your gmail account and there search for “Label:sms” It will list all of your text messages on gmail account. We have already discuss that you will find all of gmail account feature there. Here you can search you text messages, mark it important, make them star and you can move your text message from one folder to anther. All these feature is available for you on google account.


You can see all of the messages was successful uploaded to gmail account. It mean you have successfully backed up your android text message on gmail account. Now take a look at some of the advance options.

Step Three (Optional): Turn On Automatic Backups

Now you need to turn on automatic backup feature. Making backup manual sometime forgets that why automatic backup is great feature in this app to take backup all text messages of android mobile phone.From the main screen, tap “Auto backup” to turn it on, and then tap on “Auto backup settings” to configure the frequency. The default configuration is a bit aggressive. If you want to make decrease in frequency of making backup and even set it to only backup one Wi-Fi if you’re backing up a lot of MMS and don’t want to burn through your mobile data.


After setting up automatic backup and frequency now let take a look of some other important thing in SMS backup+ android app. Return to Main Screen and go a head into advanced setting. There  you can change the setting for sync call record which is by default disable you can enable it to take backup of all call record or logs. You can enable Notification and there is backup setting and restore setting. So let tab on backup setting and lets see. Here the thing you want to make backup like i want to make backup of SMS it will check that option also i want to backup call log i will also check that option to make backup of that also. There is more option you can check it also.


The nothing more in restore settings. When SMS Backup+ stores your messages in Gmail it creates a thread for each contact.You can tell SMS Backup+ to only restore the contacts with starred threads which allows you to quickly select which conversations are important enough to restore via the stared system in Gmail.


Here we go we have done and setting up almost all important things. This is app is not only to make backup of SMS but you can make backup of your call log or call records.

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