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How to Remove Bloatware or Pre-Installed Apps on Android

Welcome again for a very interesting article. Do you know most of the people have problem with bloatware on android phone and most of the people want to get rid of pre installed apps on android phone. Now a day its a great problem every android device come with there own pre-installed apps even Nexus devices also have pre-loaded app which is headache for most of the people. So to understand how to remove bloatware and pre-installed app on android then you are at the right place welcome. Read this article completely at the end you will be able to remove any kind of bloatware from android phone.

You can see there is a lot of Google app which is install on any android app and there many people he does not like such things also it make slow android device. Other side bloatware which is very annoying app and everyone have problem with it. So to remove all the bloatware and pre- installed app we  have to pass from different steps. First let to understand what is bloatware? and what is pre-installed apps.

What is bloatware? and How People get Infect there Android phone with bloatware:

What is bloatware? In another word we can say pre-installed app that is useless most of the time. It consume all system resources, taking storage space and RAM, Running in the background and grain mobile battery. It also slow down android phone that why people not like most of the pre-installed apps.

How to remove bloatware on Android devices?

How to remove bloatware or pre-installed apps. Most of the carrier and manufacturers do not allow  to remove there apps. they do not give such permission. So its difficult to remove on the legal way. You will need to root your android phone first. Which will avoid your device warranty.

First Step 1:

First of all you have to Root your Android:

How to root your android with kingo android Root:

In order to remove all bloatware you need root access of your android device for which you have to root your device. You can root your device using kingo root app. When ever you have gain root access or privilege, ie Superuser permissions. Also you must remember that most of the carriers and manufactures strictly forbid users to gain access of there android devices it will void warranty claim. All rooted android phone should have SuperSU installed.


Second Step 2: Make Backup of your Android Device:

Titanium is one of the best backup android app to make backup of your complete android phone. Before start deleting android app you must make a backup of your android device.


Third Step 3: Install System App Remover from Google Play Store:

Search for keyword “remove system app” or “System app remover”, You will see a list of result. you have to install “system app remover”, developed by JUMOBILE.


Forth Step 4: Launch System App Remover:

Now you have access of superuser and have the right to do anything with your android device. Now its depend on you what you want you can do now. You have to open system app remover and start removing system apps.


That’s it you have done. If there is any problem leave comment below. Thank you.

How to Remove Bloatware on Android Without Rooting:

to be continue….

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