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How to Remove Virus or Malware from Android or Tablet

Now a days virus is a big problem to everyone person in very part of the world. Everyone want to get rid of virus. To understand how to remove Viruses from android or tablet read this article completely. Its not a big deal to remove virus from android or tablet. There are tons of software to remove virus from android and a huge number of antiviruses that protect your android phone or tablet. Here in this article we will show you have to avoid different kind of virus like android malware etc.

If you believe that you have virus on your android phone or tablet don’t worry about that there is an easiest way to remove or delete virus from your android phone or tablet. First you have to know what the virus is in computer or in android.

What is virus?:

A computer or android virus is a type of malicious software program (“malware”) that, when executed, replicates by reproducing itself (copying its own source code) or infecting other computer programs or android apps by modifying them. Infecting computer programs or android apps can include as well, data files, or the “boot” sector of the hard drive.

What effect of Virus on Devices:

Virus in android phone or tablet is very annoying thing and most of the people have problem with it. There different kind of viruses. Some of them are adware some of the are malware. But here in android most of the viruses is malware. So what effect of viruses on android. It slow down your android phone or tablet, waste your resources, use your personal data, WIFI, Internet resources and leeching battery life etc. It can also steel bank accounts data, personal account etc. The most annoying thing of virus or malware is to open ads when ever turn on your internet data connection on your android phone or tablet. It will open ads repeatedly and will not give the time to do your work.

What is Android Malware?

Android malware is short form of malicious software which is designed for collecting secret information like stealing private information or money from the owner device all these activity has done secretly. It can steal your accounts number, password, mobile number, user account, social account detail, user’s location and many more without their knowledge. There are tons of malware on android phones or tablet.

How Would I get Malware on my Android Phone or Tablet?

Throughout of the research stated that we’ve found that user behavior and geography greatly influence your risk of encountering malware. The safest way to get rid of android malware and other virus you need to know android security mechanism. Android give power to the end user but here also need some kind of knowledge of about android security. If android give the power to user but user is unfamiliar with that power so its useless. So have to know android permission system. Each time user going to install app it requires permission from user that the app will use your Wifi, GPS, mobile data, personal account information. If user allow such thing then the can use all these thing. Now its depend on app that for what purpose they will use all these things. Another important thing you have to use well-known apps market its risk thing because  if you are using Fraudsters market it will install only and only virus and malware. The app will also done your work but also gain information from your android phone. So Most important in android you need to know two things one need to know android permission system and secondly you have knowledge about reputable markets like Google play store. Google play store is the recommend android app market.

How can I Protect My Android Phone or Tablet From Virus?

Every one searching the way to protect there android phone or tablet from virus. Its easy to protect from virus in android but it also depend on the users. If user have much more knowledge about android then they will feel easy otherwise its a difficult task. Don’t worry Guys there are tons of ways to protect your android phone without having knowledge of android phone or tablet. We have different kind of antiviruses to remove virus or protect from virus. So here we will protecting our android phone or tablet using antiviruses. Which one is the best its also depend but will show the best antivirus for you that work perfectly for your android phone or tablet.

Best Antivirus for Android Phone and Tablet:

What is the best antivirus out there for android phone or tablet honestly there’s no one app that we can say that is head and shoulders above the rest. It depend on situation and virus. What is the purpose of antivirus is? the purpose of antivirus is to catch virus and malware and remove it from there android device.In term of detection and ease to use, Avira is good bet because its also free.  Android have wide verity of antivirus app on play store some of them are free and some of them paid. There is a few well known antivirus i am going to share with you.

Download: Avira Antivirus Security for Android or tablet (Free)

Download: Kaspersky Internet Security for Android or tablet (Free 30-day Trial | $14.95 per year)

Manually Delete Virus in Safe Mode:

Like windows there is also safe mode in android operating system. Safe mode is the mode where all third party app does not works. It mean if there is any virus install on your android phone or tablet it will does not work and you can easily uninstall or remove that virus easily. So safe mode is another great feature in android phone and tablets.


To boot into safe mode follow the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power button until you get the “Power Off / Reboot” screen.
  2. Tap and hold “Power Off” until you get a prompt to “Reboot to Safe Mode”.
  3. Tap “OK”.
  4. Wait for the phone or tablet to reboot or restart. In one of the corners, you will see a watermark of “Safe Mode”.

This method might not work on every android phone it does not necessary that it will work on every android phone or tablet. Some of manufacturers Customize there ROMs thats why some of android does not have safe mode feature.


Once you enter safe mode, then go to Settings> Apps>Downloaded. Go through out the list of downloaded app  and find the malicious app on your android phone or tablet . Its also a difficult job to find malicious android app. When ever you find malicious virus app tap to uninstall to remove it and get rid of it now reboot your phone without entering to safe mode and you will see there will be no virus or malicious app on your android phone or tablet.

If the app does not remove from android phone it will require administrator Access.

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators.
  2. Locate the app and tap the check-mark next to it.
  3. Tap “Deactivate” when prompted.

Now you can go back to Settings > Apps > Downloaded and uninstall the app as instructed above.

If Nothing Works Try Hard Reset or Factory Reset:

If you do not know about hard reset or factory reset. First Check our previous article about Hard Reset and Factory Reset that what can do hard reset and factory reset for you. If non of the above solution work then you have to try this it will clear up malware from your android device. One problem with this method is it will clean your android phone or tablet and all of your data will be remove from your phone or tablet. With hard reset most of your phone or tablet issue will be solve. Almost about 80% of your android phone issues solved with this method. Also if this method does not work then we have the last option to flash your phone or tablet.

What is Flash?

Flash mean installing ROM mean operating system to device if it is android. Then installing OS to android is known is flashing.With this method your android phone or tablet have 100% chances to clean or clear from virus or malware or malicious apps. Before flashing ROM conform it that is no such kind of virus or malware or malicious apps. This is the last and expensive way to clean your phone or tablet from viruses or malware. It depend of your OS that you are going to install to your device if it is clean your phone will clean of virus.


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