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How to Save Your Notes For Life Time

Hey Guys, I hope you will be fine. Today in this article i am going to show you that you can save your notes for lifetime that your important content never never lose. So here we have a couple of way to do things. But we will select the best way to save your notes for long period of time. No matter what ever device you are using. If you are using Android device or if you are using iPhone or iPad devices or even your are using windows devices like desktop computer or laptop or windows phone. What ever you are using. All your notes and content will be with you each and every moment.

We will prefer those method that can work anywhere on your android phone, on your iPhone or iPad, On windows. Everywhere you want to save your content or notes you will be able to save or store your notes. The good thing is that we will store your notes your device currently you are using and another copy of your notes or content will be store on cloud server. So it minimize the chances of losing your notes and important content.

Thing that Need To Save or Store Notes for Ever:

Here we need three things to store your notes for life time.

  • Device like ( Android phone, iPhone or iPad, Desktop or Laptop Computer )
  • EverNote App
  • Gmail Account

All these three things are very important to save your notes on your device or on cloud for life time. Here what ever device you are using just download Evernote app and sign in your personal gmail account and you can store your notes. Also you can save of store your notes directly on Evernote website also. By sign in to Evernote website and add your note by click add button there on the website.

How to Save Notes Using EverNote via Website:

First of all you have to Create your account here in Evernote website. Here i have my gmail account so i am going to create account here in evernote website. If you have no gmail account then you have to create gmail first and then visit Evernote website and create account here also.


Now you have to login through your personal gmail account that you have created.


Now when i get sign in. See below figure all my note is available.


Here you can see all my note and important links and data is available with me. Any time i want to access my data. There is a lot feature available here in this website. You can search your notes easily using builtin search engine. You can share your notes with your friend using social site like Facebook, twitter etc. You have a reminder Feature available.

All the feature is not only in this website but also its available in android apps, iPhone or iPad apps and in windows applications.

How to Save Notes Using EverNote Android App:

How to Save Notes Using EverNote iPhone or iPad App:

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