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How to Unblock or Access Blocked or Restricted Websites

To understand how to unblock blocked Website you have to read this article completely. By reading this article you will be able to unblock or access almost any website which has been blocked or Restricted by any authority. There are tons of way to unlock website which has been blocked. Here in this article we will trying to discuss the most simple and easiest way to unblock blocked website. There is many website which has been blocked by country for some reason and some website has been blocked in schools and colleges and some of them in organization and departments. Why all these website blocks because these website is not useful at that time or situation. Like in school student want to playing with Facebook and YouTube its not good for student to play with all these thing in school, colleges and universities so the all these website has been blocked for that reasons. The websites are usually social sites like Facebook, bebo, MySpace, YouTube, Torrents and other sexual website. All these website are popular website but the use of all these website all the time is not good for all people.

You can unblock all these block website using different ways. You can unblock almost any website using desktop application like Hotspot Shield also there is other website to unblock blocked website using desktop application. You can unblock or unlock blocked website using websites there is tons of website which is use to unblock blocked websites like Stop-Block.com. Also you can unlock or unblock restricted website using extension like google chrome extension, Firefox extension etc these are tons of extension use to unlock or unblock restricted or blocked websites. The extension here in this article we will discuss is Zenmate which is google chrome extension. Also its available on Firefox so you can use it on Firefox browser also.

Method 1:

How to Unlock or Unblock blocked or Restricted Website using Proxy Server (Website):

What is Proxy Server:

First let me know what is proxy server Website? Let me explain now. Proxy server work as a middle man or an inter-mediator between your system and the internet that you are requesting for. It download your requested pages directly from its server and it transfers the pagers to the user who have send the request. You may also say “A proxy or proxy server is basically another computer which serves as a hub through which internet requests are processed. By connecting through one of these servers, your computer sends your requests to the proxy server which then processes your request and returns what you were wanting”. When you use proxy servers, your requests bypass all the internet filters and even those annoying firewalls.With Help of this proxy server we can do much much more thing that is out of our knowledge. You can unblock IMO Skype Facebook messenger voice chat and other android application. All these thing we will discuss later.

We have already say that there is tons of proxy website that will unblock blocked website for you. Here we will discuss on website for you. But you can search on google if there is any problem with it. So you don’t have a single option to unblock blocked website. You can search “unblock-er websites” it will list tons of different website for you. Now you have the choice which website you have to use.

Here in this article we will discuss those proxy server website which is free easy to use and work as a charms.  So the proxy server website that i want use is Hidemyass.com which is one of the most popular and reliable proxy server which are available for free of cost. Here also a price tag. You can make use of the following free proxy servers to achieve the premium like service anyway.

This website not only unblock restricted website for but also it will protect your identity. It even helps to handle your sensitive data in much secured way. If the website you want to access has no SSL Certificate, You don’t worry about that because when ever you are going to access website through web proxies like Hidemyass.com, it will automatically add SSL security on the fly. On this way you can secure your data from hackers.

Some of other well know proxy server website:

  • Zend2.com
  • youhide.com
  • freeproxysites.org
  • anonymouse.org

Note: Now a days many proxy servers website are also blocked by school, college, university and other organization. Sadly, If this is the case then method 1 will not work but don’t be disappoint because there so many other method that you can unlock your restricted websites.You can just google it. It will list tons of proxy servers websites. Don’t worry about that. We have another way to access your desire website. Lets read this.

Method 2:

Internet Archive (Wayback Machine):

Its non profit organization. To be more technical, we can say it way back machine. It store data of almost all websites in the form of archive format. You cannot expect it to have up-to-date copy for all the time though.It will show you the website in such a way like how it was looked on some particular dates. So when you enter the name of the website in the Wayback Machine, hopefully you can get its recent cached copy. Apart from using this to access the blocked websites. Its great website in case of website you are going to access which is suspended for now or down for now you can visit that website using wayback machine. Its a very great tool for webmasters.

Method 3:

How to Unblock Website or Android app using Android Hotspot Shield:

Here we are talking about android apps and website in Android that how we can unblock or unlock android app or website in android. There is tons of apps in android that is restricted or blocked by some authority by some reason. So here how we can unlock all these apps in android. Most of the countries have blocked social websites and social android app in there country like Saudi Arab, Malaysia etc. So how to unblock all these apps and websites in our android phone.

Lets see here we have an android app Hotspot Shield through which we can unblock android social apps like IMO, Facebook, Whats app, Line, Viber etc and website like YouTube and other websites.

Lets see how Hotspot shield work in android phone. First you have to install it from android play store. When get install it open Hotspot shield it will look like below picture.

Now it is an disconnected mode so nothing will work. First you have to connect it follow all these steps:


Here i am going to open YouTube download app TubeMate. YouTube website is block in our country.so it give that “this website is not accessible”.


now you can see Hotspot shield is connected. Now you all blocked android apps will work properly. I am using here YouTube downloader TubMate.


You can see here YouTube website open in YouTube downloader TubMate.


Now you can check any of your android which is restricted or blocked by any authority.

Note: If Hotspot shield doesn’t work in your country or giving any problem to you can live comment below i will mention another app for you.

Method 4:

How to Unblock or Access Blocked Website Using ZenMate Chrome extension:

Here we will talk about Zenmate the most popular chrome and Firefox extension for unblocking website or for accessing blocked websites. Easy to use it and easy to install on chrome or on Firefox. The most reliable and free of ads chrome extension for accessing blocked websites. You can install it on chrome or on Firefox the most popular browser now a days. Just install it and turn on with single click to access almost all blocked websites. Its a YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook or any other kind of website it will access.

Now you have to google it ” Zenmate Chrome Extension ” it will Zenmate VPN open that link and install that chrome extension. It you are using Firefox then Google it with this keyword ” Zenmate Firefox Extension “. After install  at the right upper corner icon will be display from there you can turn on it. After that you can use it to access your restricted websites. Screenshot is shown below.


If there is some problem with chrome extension Zenmate then we have another way to access your blocked websites or Andorid apps.

Method 5:

How to Unblock or Access Blocked or Restricted Websites using stop-block.com Website:

Its another proxy server website to access restricted website. Its simple to use without use of any software. Just open stop-block.com website and paste your link there it will open your blocked websites. But there is some limitation of website it can open Facebook, YouTube some of other website but not all website which is blocked. Here we have screenshot of stop-block.com website.


If you have any problem with all these tutorial you leave comment below. There more things to unblock almost anywebsite. Thats enough for now. thank you.





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